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Our Commitment to the Guest

At Private Hawaii, L.L.C. we are not satisfied until we know that each guest is settled into a residence that is their private Kauai home.

While we have a beautiful collection of hand-selected homes and villas from which you may select, you will find that it is our signature service and attention to detail, which makes for a memorable Aloha!

Within seventy-two hours of choosing a home with Private Hawaii, L.L.C. you will receive a telephone call from one of our consultants residing on Island. She will inquire about your expectations, special requests, and prior experiences. She will discuss with you the nuances of the home you have chosen to ensure the selection is appropriate for you and your family. We do this early in the reservation process so that changes can more readily be accommodated if you decide a different home would be more comfortable or more in keeping with your expectations.

Don’t fret; this won’t be the last time you speak with your private consultant. After she makes her initial contact, she will provide you with her name and telephone number so that you will have one person to call with your questions and requests.

As the time of your arrival draws near, your consultant will contact you to inquire about your itinerary and anticipated date and time of arrival so that she can make arrangements to meet you at your home with the key. Don’t worry about flight delays or early arrivals, as she will be tracking you and know when you land at the Lihue airport. If you have any questions or concerns about the directions to your home, have someone in your party call from the car. Please remember that talking on your cell phone while driving is illegal in Hawaii.

We look forward to you beginning your private retreat in Paradise!