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Why List With Private Hawaii

Private Hawaii was founded by a team of world travelers and property owners who understand that guest expectations and property owner expectations are not mutually exclusive.

When you first think about it, the words “luxury” and “management” are incongruent, at opposite ends of the spectrum. When you think luxury, you think of fine, Epicurean experiences – spas, elegant meals, posh opulence. Management, on the other hand, is all about projects and numbers.
Egyptian cotton “sheets” and balance “sheets”…At first glance, these two ideas seem to be pretty far apart on the spectrum.

Private Hawaii brings these two things together seamlessly and effectively. We know asset management, inside and out. We excel in areas like luxury travel management and maximizing owner return on their property investment. Accuracy in owner statements, ease of communication, reliability on inventory control and marketing expertise are our trademarks.

We also possess quite an affinity for luxury. Thread counts, premium spirits, sumptuous décor, Epicurean dining…these are the things we’re passionate about. That’s why we’re experts at creating stunning experiences that bring guests back, again and again
We’ve created an uncommon approach to vacation home management by seamlessly blending two very distinct skill sets. It’s how we create uncommon experiences that are customized to the market and the customer…and it’s how we produce uncommon results, both for our clients and our owners.

Vacation Home Rental Marketing & Distribution

Our marketing team creates professional listings for your property and strategically promotes them across leading industry websites. We have a full-time marketing and SEO company working to make sure we are found on the web and present our properties and services with the most up to date vacation rental marketing technologies.

Inquiries & Reservations

Our in-house reservations team responds to inquiries and confirms bookings 24 hours a day, including nights and weekends, ensuring a streamlined booking experience for your guests.

Guest Communications

We manage pre-stay and post-stay communication with guests, including rental contracts, booking confirmations, check-in instructions and review solicitation.

Photography Consultation

Professional photos are the single most important aspect of a vacation rental listing. Private Hawaii will help evaluate the effectiveness of your photography, and offer cost-effective solutions for improvement.

Added Value to your Rental: Guest Services

A large part of our vacation home rental marketing strategy involves guest services. Clients inquiring about our properties will receive immediate responses via email and phone from our friendly, knowledgeable rental agents and concierge team. Likewise, we will continue to follow up with our guests to ensure that we never miss a request or service call. Our professional local staff works with our guests throughout the entire stay. From their first inquiry and arrival at your property, to their departure, we make sure every request has been answered, ensuring the guests have a wonderful, relaxing experience and that your property is well taken care of over the duration of their stay.